Personal Information & Confidentiality

We are committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

To ensure your privacy:

  • Service user files and other information are securely stored
  • We only collect information about service users that is relevant to the provision of support and we explain to service users why we collect the information and what we use it for
  • We seek consent from service users to provide access to service user records to government officials (or their delegates) in the conduct of quality reviews or the investigation of complaints. We advise service users that these individuals are required to keep all information accessed through this process confidential
  • Consent to share personal information can be withdrawn at any time by the service user
  • Service users can ask to see the information that we keep about them and are supported to access this information if requested. The service user can nominate a representative to access the service user's records held by us
  • All information relating to service users is confidential and is not disclosed to any other person or organisation without the service user's permission (consent is generally obtained verbally)
  • We only share information when it is necessary to ensure appropriate support is delivered and only with the service user's permission/consent beforehand
  • The provision of information to people outside the service is authorised by the Coordinator
  • We do not discuss service users or their support with people not directly involved in supporting them
  • Assessments and reviews are always conducted in private with the service user and the Assessment Officer unless the service user consents to their carer, advocate or other person being present
  • During service user assessments the Assessment Officer asks the service user about any particular privacy requirements they have such as their preference for a male or female worker. These are noted on their assessment form and on the support plan
  • Any discussions between staff about service users are held in private
  • Any reference to individual service users in meeting minutes refer to the service user by initials only or another unique identifier, such as their service user number.

For further information please call us on 1300 987 422.

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